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Indoor Soccer Balls

Model: SB10
Unique low-bounce version of our popular suede indoor soccer ball. Ideal for indoor gym or other hard surfaces. Improves quality of play with less bounce off walls and floor. SIZES: 3-4-5..
Model: SB11
Made from premium synthetic suede material. Ideal for indoor gym or other hard surfaces. Durable and lively. Hand-sewn. SIZES: 3-4-5..
Model: SB12
Made from the highest quality English Felt. Features extra thick panels for a soft, lively feel. Ideal for indoor gym or other hard surfaces. SIZES: 3-4-5..
Futsal Ball
Model: SB13
Durable polyurethane matte shell. Ideal for training or match play. Official size and weight. Only 10% bounce. SIZES: Junior 53 cm (approx. size 2.5) Senior 63 cm (approx. size 3.5)..
Model: SB31
Microfibre shell, premium bladder with 10% bounce. Official size and weight. Ideal for competitive and professional match Futsal. SIZE: 63 cm (FIFA Official Size)..
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Explore Avanti Sportswear's premier collection of indoor soccer balls and futsal balls, meticulously crafted to elevate your indoor soccer game. Our range includes the finest indoor footballs engineered for precision, durability, and optimal performance, meeting the needs of players at all levels.

The Best Indoor Soccer Balls

Our indoor soccer balls are specifically designed for the fast-paced indoor game, offering enhanced control and precision. With a lower bounce rate compared to standard outdoor soccer balls, they're perfect for the smooth surfaces of indoor courts.

Futsal Ball: The Heart of Indoor Soccer

The futsal ball, a key component of indoor soccer, is smaller and heavier, promoting skill development and close ball control. Ideal for the rapid exchanges of the futsal game, these balls are crafted to improve player technique and team play.

Superior Construction for Maximum Durability

Constructed from high-quality materials, our indoor soccer balls and futsal balls withstand the demands of intense indoor play. Their durability ensures long-lasting performance, game after game.

Choose the Best Indoor Soccer Balls for Your Game

Choosing the right indoor soccer ball or futsal ball is crucial. Our selection includes balls that are ideal for both training and official matches, catering to the specific requirements of indoor soccer enthusiasts.

From textured surfaces for better grip to reinforced bladders for consistent air retention, our range offers a variety of features to suit every player's preferences and needs.

indoor Soccer Balls Style 

Our balls come in various designs and colors, allowing players to express their style while enjoying the functionality of a top-grade indoor soccer ball or futsal ball.

Do you need a special ball for indoor soccer?

Yes, a special ball is required for indoor soccer, typically a futsal ball. Futsal balls are designed to have a lower bounce and are slightly smaller than outdoor soccer balls, making them ideal for the hard surfaces of indoor courts and enhancing control and skill development.

What is futsal vs indoor soccer?

Playing Field and Size: Futsal is traditionally played on a hard court surface, smaller and marked distinctly compared to the larger, often turf-covered fields used for indoor soccer. This difference in playing surface directly influences the game's pace and style.

Team Composition: Futsal teams consist of five players each, including the goalkeeper, promoting tight-knit teamwork and individual skill. Indoor soccer, conversely, often sees six players per side, changing the dynamic of play and strategy.

Ball Specifications: The ball in futsal is smaller and has less bounce than its indoor soccer counterpart, designed to stay close to the ground to complement the fast-paced, skillful nature of the game.

Game Duration and Pace: Futsal matches are characterized by two halves, with a total playing time that's generally shorter than indoor soccer, leading to a faster, more intense gameplay.

Rules and Regulations: Futsal adheres to a set of rules that emphasize ball control and skillful play, such as the absence of walls or boards to play off, unlike in some forms of indoor soccer where the ball remains in play off the walls.

Goalkeeping Rules: In futsal, goalkeepers face restrictions on how they can handle the ball, adding another layer of strategy to the game.

Cultural and Professional Recognition: Futsal is recognized globally and has its own dedicated competitions and governing rules by FIFA. Indoor soccer, while popular, often varies more in rules and recognition depending on the region.

What is an indoor soccer ball called?

An indoor soccer ball is commonly referred to as a futsal ball. Futsal balls are crafted specifically for the game of futsal, a variant of indoor soccer, offering lower bounce characteristics for better play on indoor surfaces.

What is the best indoor football?

The best indoor football is one that combines durability, precise control, and low bounce, such as a high-quality futsal ball. These balls are designed to meet the unique demands of indoor soccer, providing an optimal playing experience.

What is the difference between a futsal ball and soccer ball?

The main difference between a futsal ball and a regular soccer ball is in size, weight, and bounce. Futsal balls are smaller, heavier, and have less bounce than outdoor soccer balls, tailored for the indoor game's fast pace and hard playing surfaces.


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