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Coaching Boards

Model: CH01
Folding magnetic strategy board. Includes magnetic pieces, soccer planner pad, clip, and dry erase marker. On-board pouch holds magnetic pieces and marker when not in use...
Model: CH02
Double-sided strategy board with clip. Full field diagram on back. Includes erasable marker...
Model: CHCP
Zippered faux leather coaching organizer with magnetic soccer field board and clipboard with 20 page notepad. Includes dry-erase marker/eraser, magnetic player pieces and pen pocket...
Model: CH50
Medium 24 x 18 inch soccer tactics board with full field on one side. The back side is left blank allowing you to drawn your own configrations or use for rosters, multiple drills, etc. Includes magnetic player pieces for two teams, dry erase marker with eraser and convenient carry bag. (Tri-pod not ..
Model: CH52
Large 36 x 24 inch soccer tactics board with full field on one side. The back side is left blank allowing you to drawn your own configrations or use for rosters, multiple drills, etc. Includes magnetic player pieces for two teams, dry erase marker with eraser and convenient carry bag. (Tri-pod not i..
Model: CHMT
Mini tri-pod measures just 14 inches when folded in its own small carry pouch. Extends up to 5 feet when open. Fits medium and large soccer field boards. (CH50 & CH52)...
Model: CHCV
Transparent top compartment can be used with dry erase markers while protecting coaching diagrams or other forms inside. Two deep compartments hold forms, A4 legal pads, electronic devices and writing supplies. Latches keep compartments closed tightly, protecting contents from wind and rain while w..
Model: CHCC
Clip case holds letter and A4 size paper and files, forms, pads. Tough, durable and light-weight. Break resistant and weatherproof, keeps contents safe from wind and dust. Use just one hand to open or close...
Model: CH15
Soccer playbook for recording and teaching training drills, set plays and more. Full soccer field on one side, grid and notes on the other. Size 5.5 inches (w) x 8.5 inches (h) with 70 pages...
Model: BBC1
Basketball Coaching BoardFolding magnetic strategy board, includes player pieces, planner pad, clip, dry erase marker. Pouch holds pieces when not in use.Reliable tool to enhance your basketball coaching sessions, Avanti Sportswear's Basketball Coach Board. Coaching boards are designed to help coach..
Model: FE37
Manual table-top score board with red and blue (home, guest) 9 inches number panels from 0 to 99. Durable plastic base...
Model: FE35
Look professional at an economy price. Change numbers quickly with rotating on/off neon panels. One side is neon orange, the other side is neon yellow...
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Elevate Your Coaching with Advanced Soccer Coaching Boards

In the dynamic world of soccer, clear communication and strategic planning are paramount. Avanti Sportswear's range of soccer coaching boards is designed to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. From the best soccer coaching board options to innovative soccer magnet boards, our products are tailored to enhance the coaching experience, providing a clear visual aid for players and coaches alike.

Cutting-Edge Magnetic Soccer Coaching Boards

Our magnetic coaching boards stand out for their versatility and ease of use. Whether you're discussing strategies before the game or making crucial adjustments during halftime, these boards offer the flexibility needed for any situation. With durable, easy-to-use magnets representing players, the ball, and other key elements of the game, coaches can effortlessly illustrate complex strategies and in-game adjustments.

Diverse Range of Soccer Coaching Boards

From the basic soccer coaches board to advanced Soccer Field Board-Large, Avanti Sportswear caters to all levels of the game. Each board is designed with the needs of coaches and players in mind, featuring durable, lightweight materials and a variety of sizes to suit any coaching style. Whether you're coaching a youth team or a professional squad, our coaching boards are an essential tool for effective communication and strategy.

Unbeatable Quality and Value in Coaching Boards

Understanding the diverse needs of soccer coaches, Avanti Sportswear offers coaching boards that combine quality with affordability. Our coaching boards price points are competitive, ensuring every coach can access the tools they need to succeed. With features like dry erase surfaces and magnetic setups, our boards are built to last, providing value season after season.

How do I choose the right coaching board for my team?

The choice of coaching board depends on your team's level, your coaching style, and the specific features you need. A magnetic soccer coaching board is ideal for visualizing game strategies and making quick changes, while a dry erase coaching board is perfect for drawing up plays and drills. Consider the portability, durability, and customization options to find the best fit for your coaching approach.

How durable are magnetic coaching boards?

Our magnetic coaching boards are designed with durability in mind. They are made from high-quality materials that withstand the rigors of daily use, both on and off the field. With proper care, these boards can serve as an invaluable tool for many seasons.

Are there different sizes of coaching boards available?

Yes, we offer coaching boards in various sizes to cater to different needs and settings. From compact boards that are easy to carry on the field to larger boards suitable for team meetings, there's a size to suit every coaching situation.

How do I maintain my coaching board?

Maintaining your coaching board involves regular cleaning with a dry erase board cleaner for dry erase surfaces and gentle wiping for magnetic boards. Avoid using abrasive materials that could damage the surface, and store your board in a dry,

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