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Trainers' Tape Case (x32)

Trainers Tape Case (x32)
Trainers' Tape Case (x32)

Trainers' Tape Case (x32): Bulk Supply for Strong Support

The Trainers' Tape Case (x32) by Avanti Sportswear offers a bulk supply of high-quality athletic tape, providing strong support and stability for injured areas. Each roll features a strong adhesive and easy-tear design, making it ideal for preventing and managing injuries during physical activities. Perfect for sports teams, trainers, and coaches needing a reliable supply of athletic tape. Case of 32 rolls of Trainers' Tape. Use by itself or over Tape Underwrap to support and protect joints. Can also be used for equipment repairs.

Trainers' Tape Case (x32): Key Features

  • Bulk supply of 32 rolls
  • High-quality athletic tape
  • Strong adhesive
  • Easy-tear design
  • Ensure your team is prepared for injury prevention and management with the Trainers' Tape Case (x32).
5 or more CAD$274.55
10 or more CAD$260.11
20 or more CAD$245.65
50 or more CAD$231.20
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: FA13CS
  • Weight: 16.00lb
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